Could I Take My Pet?

Could I Take My Pet?

If you’ve got a pet, you’ll know that he or she is one of the family, and as such you don’t want to leave them behind when you take your well earned holiday. The question is, can you take your pet on holiday with youFind a holiday type which is pet friendly
The simple answer is yes, you can take your pet on holiday with you. But as with most things in this life, it’s never quite that straight forward. There are several things to consider, the main one being, what type of holiday are you looking to take. If you plan to enjoy a safari in Africa, the chances are you’re probably best to leave your dog behind. However, should you be thinking of taking a cottage holiday in the UK, this would be a perfect holiday for your pet to come along on.

Choose your holiday accommodation
A UK self-catering holiday is the perfect choice for you and your pet. Many holiday cottages are “pet friendly” – which means that you can take your dog on holiday with you. You will find some cottages which won’t allow you to take your pet though, so when booking make sure your chosen cottage specifies that a dog is allowed.Why choose a pet friendly holiday cottage

A holiday cottage can make such a great holiday when you’re taking a dog with you because they are often in remote areas, and allow you to take long walks with your dog. Whether you choose to rent a cottage by the sea, so your pet can spend the holiday jumping through the sea spray; or whether you choose a rural retreat and take long walks through the countryside, you’ll find a dog friendly cottage holiday will really give you all a good time.

Have a look at pet friendly cottages in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. If you’re taking your dog on holiday, you’re sure to find something which suits your needs. For a full set of featured holiday cottages, have a look at