Creating the Perfect Holiday Custody Plan

Creating the Perfect Holiday Custody Plan

With the holiday season in full swing, many people’s first thoughts are about family. However, if you are divorced or separated and have children, it may stressful and overwhelming to think about how you will spend this special holiday season. Depending on your custody agreement, you may have sole or joint physical custody of your children. Let’s discuss some good options as to how to spend the holidays in each situation.If you have sole physical custody of your children, it is imperative that you make a plan for visitation for your ex-partner. Generally in sole custody situations, there is still a visitation plan for the non-custodial parent. This plan may allow the non-custodial parent to visit with the children for an hour, a day or weekend for holiday parties or events.

With joint physical custody, there are many ways to divide spending time during the holiday season. If possible, consider spending time all together and with extended family as well. Splitting the actual holiday equally may also be an option. One parent may spend the morning and early afternoon hours with the children and the other parent may spend the late afternoon and evening hours with the children. Alternating every other holiday or every other year for custody may also be a viable option.A holiday custody plan works well and should be used in place of a regular custody schedule. Not only that, a holiday schedule should include all holidays – national, religious and personal – and should have a back-up plan just in case there is an emergency or something goes awry.The holidays are a special time for family and memories. You can make lasting family memories, good memories, for your children with the help of an effective holiday custody plan. Remember as you make a holiday schedule that your children will remember these special times you share together. It is important to make your children the number one focus and not speak negatively about their other parent or personalize things that happen not in your favor.

You can enjoy this holiday season and make wonderful memories for your family by developing a holiday custody plan that is fair for everyone involved. Make this holiday season great with an effective holiday schedule that has your children’s best interests outlined. Have a happy holidays and spend quality time with your family despite a divorce or separation.

You can create an effective holiday custody plan to make this holiday season wonderful. Custody X Change can help you make a holiday schedule, parenting plan or custody agreement.