Holiday Shopping Marketing Strategies – What Works Today

Holiday Shopping Marketing Strategies – What Works Today

With the summer gone and the holidays right around the corner any retailer – large or small- needs to start planning exactly how they can take advantage of the holiday season spending spike to end their financial year with a bang.According to a recent survey from Mediamark Research Intelligence (MRI), around a third of shoppers say they will start their holiday shopping in earnest before Thanksgiving, so there is literally no time to waste.From email marketing to website tweaks, special promotions to holiday themed postal mail campaigns there are so many different ways that retailers can begin to take advantage of their customers increased willingness to open up wallets that may have been closed for most of the year. Here are some tips:

Deck Your Website with Special OffersA good business website is already updated with fresh content on a regular basis (is yours?) but as the holidays approach your site should take on a festive air and feature all those great holiday specials you have lined up. What are customers really looking for from your company during the holiday shopping season? A good marketing agency can help you pinpoint exactly that.Play up the Holidays in Your EmailsIf you have an email marketing campaign in place now is the time to make it holiday-centric from head to toe. And if you don’t have an email marketing campaign in place the holidays offer up the perfect time to start one.Everyone and his uncle will of course be sending out holiday themed emails, so yours has to have something special to stand out from the crowd. Don’t just crow about special offers and holiday discounts but offer something that is so useful to your potential customers that they will want to read beyond the subject line. Holiday recipes, shopping tips, a countdown to Christmas. Hire a reputable local marketing agency and they can help you craft the perfect holiday advertising campaign that will net you extra holiday sales.Make the News Competition is fierce for holiday shopping dollars and anything your company can do to stand out from the crowd will help. Offline promotion is still just as important as it ever was and should be used in conjunction with a good online marketing campaign.

Instead of just following the more familiar marketing routine this year by spending all of your offline marketing budget on print, radio or TV ads why not make some news that will bring your company some positive attention while still helping boost holiday sales?Host a food or toy drive, run a holiday essay contest, or even just have Santa visit your location. Work with a marketing agency and they will be able to craft a PR campaign that will get your businesses’ holiday activities noticed and boost your reputation within the local community as well as your bottom line.

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