3 Tailormade Holiday Destinations to Visit

3 Tailormade Holiday Destinations to Visit

For many people looking to go abroad, budget can be a big issue, and often it is this that comes into play when deciding whether to book a package tour or a tailormade break for their getaway. Both package and tailormade holidays have their advantages, of course, and are more or less appropriate depending on the destination.There are many great travel agencies today that aim to offer affordable luxury customized vacations, meaning that you can get a tailored experience for not far off the budget price of a package break. Indeed, some destinations are definitely worth booking a tailormade holiday for – here are three places where customization is often better than booking the standard option.One location where you should ask a travel agency to customize your trip is the country of Greece, which is a nation with such a rich and varied history that there are almost too many fascinating things to do and see.With ancient cities such as Athens, breath-taking ruins such as Delphi, paradise Greek islands such as Santorini and cultural hotspots such as Thessaloniki, it is worth spending some time considering what you really want to get out of your visit to Greece before you book your break.

Whilst many package tours will take you to one or two of the major hotspots, as there is so much to discover in Greece there is no reason why you should not entirely tailor your trip to your own tastes, focusing only on the places that you and your traveling party want to visit.You may very well want to spend your Greek break discovering the gems that the Peloponnese peninsula has to offer over a two week trip, or instead organist a week long tour of the most fascinating historical sights in the country such as Athens, Olympia, Delphi and Marathon; tailormade holidays will allow you to do just this.Another time when a customized holiday may be appropriate is if you are embarking on a safari to Africa. Althoughthere are many companies offering package tours of this kind, chances are that most people will only get the opportunity to go on such as trip once in a lifetime. For this reason, it is well worth investing a little more money to make this trip truly memorable.If you are thinking of booking this holiday, consider whether you would like to see the Big Five or the Big Seven, whether you want a luxury vacation or an eco tour, whether you want to integrate some cultural sightseeing into your trip or not, and whether you prefer a lodge or hotel accommodation. Tailormade holidays will give you the chance to make your safari an unforgettable one.A final destination that is definitely worthy of a tailored trip for you and your traveling party is Thailand, a country which has a range of different personalities, from the party lifestyle of Phuket to the adventurous jungle trekking of Koh Samui and Ko Tao.For this reason, holiday makers to different parts of the nation can end up with entirely different impressions of the country and will have experienced entirely different things. If you want to see all of the parts of Thailand that interest you in particular, it is well worth considering tailormade holidays as an ideal option.

Whether you would like to visit temples, spend time mingling with the locals in smaller towns off the tourist trail, or simply visit all the liveliest party hotspots in the country, a customized holiday can allow you to experience the best of what is on offer in Thailand.Package holidays can be great value for money and perfect for many people for a number of reasons, but a tailored holiday is arguably the best choice for some destination sand holiday types. If you are considering visiting Greece, Thailand or going on a safari, consider investing a little extra to customize your trip entirely to your tastes for the best experience.

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