Travel and Holiday: My Idea Is To Curious About

Travel and Holiday: My Idea Is To Curious About

Do you know I suffer from Hodomania? Google defines it as ‘an abnormal love of travel.’ But, if you ask me I would like to believe that our desire for a thing or a place is as normal as our desire for a person.Why I holiday: Exploring others, self and around is unlimited fun. I fancy it. It is all very much a part of me. There is never a dull moment in my life. I am always on the go. And, why not when the world has a lot to offer. My undying love of a holiday is where the night is just forty winks and there is morning again. I shorten it because my bid is always to stretch the day.A holiday to me is: To forget to address all issues back home, to leave behind all those duties and padlock them miles behind. It is also to bring routine wheels to a complete halt. It is about enveloping me in the pre-monsoon showers in my own country, and to look upwards to receive snow spits at the Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps.It is also about being unknown enough to make me nervous in the Far East countries, friendly enough to feel wanted even by strangers in the city of Florence in Italy, and adventurous enough while riding in an ornamental Venetian Gondola in Venice, Italy.The long and short of it is, that I like to go on a sabbatical. This completely unwinds me. Whether naive, innocent or at times with a hint of trepidation I love packing my bags to the unknown and unexplored locations. My idea of a holiday is to just wander about, traveling far and wide and sharing closer moments with family.

I see a different world at different destinations. When on a holiday I feel like a queen on a throne and forget all humdrum of a daily grind. There are more smiles to give, more happiness to contain and shower, and more experiences to gain and share.Travel is a part of our holiday experience. In my view these two terms are therefore, interchangeable with a subtle difference, of course. Sometimes half of the fun is the journey itself, while the other half is when we actually reach the destination.Social graces: Giving a nice smile and appreciating the persons who helped us with travel desk and front desk services, and thanking the customer relations officer ensure a good rapport and sunny environment. I like to incorporate these social graces in my holiday kitty. It keeps me happy.We do not visit the same place repeatedly. It is hardly ever that we met the same staff, but good relations that we built always created a lasting impression. We holiday to seek happiness. I like to believe we feel happier if all around us are happy, too. And, if simple virtues of kindness, courtesies can bring that, we should go for them.Every time I visit a place, I lose myself to discover a new me. Nothing is more captivating than self discovery. Sometimes one wonders: Is the world really too small, as bumping into a long-lost friend is not uncommon.Joy quotient: A holiday is replete with elements of romanticism, a life time partnership. Dancing the night away with spouse and strangers on the beach, playing some wacky games with strangers, and indulging in rib tickling laughter and much more that comes tagged with these, are all one receives in heaps, when one heads out.Will anyone call it a holiday if it had not brought fun? Would it be called a holiday if it did not detoxify? If it did not de-stress? Then why hold back. Go for fun. Near or far, it does not really matter. It is the experience which is rewarding. One develops more love for a holiday when one returned rejuvenated and the lungs were filled and body fuelled, with renewed energy and freshness.My love for travel has been of such a magnitude that even if I anticipated I would get to feel the reality of dirt, sweat, and crowd in a city and ubiquitous suicide points and sad stories that a guide narrated us, I shed it off all too soon to being overcome by a sense of joy.What foxes me: Why some people stick to their schedules even during holiday time. Thankfully, my family and I enjoy each moment to the fullest. We follow no schedules or routine. Even when the sky was grey, even when the temperature was eleven degrees lower than predicted, even when it rained, snowed, breezed, or hushed, the thought of wandering about drives us crazy. Call me nuts. Call me a buckeye. I am happy.

It does not dim my delight: I do not get bogged down by minor travel travails because my idea was to perk me up. If I faced it, I cared to pack it and kept aside in the foil of fun. There may be a few challenges that one might encounter. These could be in the form like, destination turned out not as good as expected, food was not to our liking, journey was cumbersome, and flights delayed us. It could be anything but a holiday should be relished as a deviation from a routine life.Travel and holiday is a minuscule slice from a whole called life. This makes us more educated, more aware as we followed our itinerary.Final analysis: From browsing destinations, requesting reservations to packing bags and returning with host of post travel errands coupled with heaps of wash loads. From emptying suitcases, putting things back to their original places followed by a couple of rounds to the stores, to stuffing the refrigerator in order that once again I gear back to routine have a tremendous fun quotient. I recite these activities effortlessly like what A is to B and B is to C, because the mammoth memory coffer enclosed in my system was worth retrieving. This fills my day.I hope my idea of travel and holiday would get you pack your bags, soon.

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